Self Managed vs Managed

Thank you for your interest in our services. We appreciate your business. Below we have outlined the scope of Self Managed, Managed and Premium Managed and some examples to provide you with information on your request. Issues outside of the scope of your plan are billed at the basic development fee of $50 USD/hourly, minimum of 1 hours time. Some plans include hours of development time as defined below.

Self-Managed plans include only basic technical support. You will receive support for only items related to the configuration of the server that requires our interjection and issues with sections of our website or the cPanel control panel only. No support for your personal scripts, installations or software is included. Your scripts will not be maintained, customized or monitored by our team. Unless otherwise defined, your service will not be monitored specifically for uptime and there is no promise of data retention or backup.

Managed plans include the support offered for Self-Managed but additional assistance is also offered. Managed plans can receive assistance with setting up emails, resolving permission issues in folders and files and will have their service specifically monitored for uptime so fast remedies can be deployed to ensure the service is restored quickly. Your scripts will not be maintained, customized or monitored by our team unless otherwise defined. Backups will be taken of your service on a daily basis, usually, around 4 am Eastern.

Premium Managed plans include the support offered for Managed but additional assistance is also offered. Premium Managed plans can receive assistance in script tweaking or modification for performance-related items that require less than 10 minutes of a developers time on an unlimited basis. They can also receive assistance installing, removing or updating any scripts that have been previously installed or is supported by our team. We will assist in debugging things like email deliverability, scripting errors and analytics setup and monitoring. Your service will be heavily monitored for uptime to ensure any issues are resolved immediately, and your scripts will be monitored on a regular (undefined) basis for the best performance. Backups will be taken of your service on at least a daily basis and may occur up to hourly to protect your data. Premium Managed plans (when defined) include 1-hour of development time per month free of charge if it is within the ability of our development team to support the request.

The current plans offering 1-hour of development time included are: UserSpice Cloud Hosting - Managed Premium, Shared Hosting - Shared 5

Services offering free updates to scripts will be performed only when the client opens a ticket requesting it be done, unless on a Premium Managed plan. Our team will reach out to the close clients on Premium Managed plans prior to updating to ensure no issues are performed. Updates to Managed services are deployed live to the server and not tested locally prior. Updates to Premium Managed services are deployed locally, tested and then deployed live to the server if working properly. 

If you have any questions or concerns about the scope of your request prior to billing or making it official, you are welcome to open a ticket, we would be happy to help you.

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